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How to contact Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Updated: May 14, 2023  | Tags: Customs and Border Protection, Border Security

The CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) offers various services to facilitate immigration and travel processes for those who are visiting or returning to the United States. Whether you need assistance with correcting ESTA information, enrolling in a trusted traveler program like Global Entry, or accessing other essential CBP services, it's important to know how to contact the CBP for prompt assistance.

In the rest of this article, we will present a fairly brief overview of each of these services and provide guidance on how to reach the CBP if you have specific inquiries or issues.

[1] Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)

ESTA is an automated system that helps determine the eligibility of visitors from Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries to travel to the United States. The system screens travelers to determine whether they might potentially pose a law enforcement or security risk to the U.S. After completing an ESTA application, the applicant is notified via email whether or not he or she qualifies to enter the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Program or VWP.

There are important differences between an approved ESTA and a visa. The former, for example, doesn't meet the regulatory and legal requirements to qualify as a visa in cases where the United States law specifically prescribes the latter. An example is where your country is not part of the Visa Waiver Program.

Travelers with a valid U.S. visa, on the other hand, do not also have to apply for an ESTA. The visa will be sufficient.

In case you have made a mistake on your ESTA application, certain information can be updated or corrected after submission. This includes email address, telephone number, travel information (such as flight details), and address while in the United States. To make corrections, use the ESTA update function on the official ESTA website.

For any further assistance, you can contact the CBP ESTA Office at (202) 344-3710.

Website: ESTA Information

[2] Global Entry

Global Entry is a program run by the CBP (Customs and Border Protection). It offers fast-tracked clearance for low-risk, pre-approved travelers when they arrive in the U.S. Members of the program are allowed to enter the country via automated kiosks at specific airports.

When they arrive at a participating airport, program members can proceed directly to a Global Entry kiosk, verify their fingerprints by using the scanner, show their machine-readable permanent U.S. resident card or passport, and fill out a customs declaration form. The kiosk will then issue such a traveler with a receipt for the transaction and direct him or her to baggage claim, after which they can exit the airport.

To apply for Global Entry membership or inquire about your application status, you should visit the official CBP Global Entry website (see link below). The website provides comprehensive information on eligibility and application procedures and has a frequently asked questions section.

Website: CBP Global Entry

[3] Mobile Passport Control (MPC)

This system enables travelers who qualify to submit their customs declaration and passport information via a secure, free mobile app (application). Using the MPC system speeds up a traveler's entry into the U.S. by reducing the time spent waiting in queues and at passport control.

There are no fees involved with using MPC and you don't have to be pre-approved. If you use the MPC app, you will no longer need to use an APC kiosk or fill out a paper form. The result is more efficient processing, reduced congestion, and a reduction in waiting times.

The MPC app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store and the Apple App store and eligible travelers can use it when they arrive at any MPC-approved site. Please see FAQ question number 2 at the URL below to view the full list of current MPC Sites.

Website: Mobile Passport Control


The NEXUS program enables pre-approved travelers to enjoy fast-tracked processing upon entering Canada and the U.S. Members of the program can make use of exclusive processing lanes at any of the partaking entry ports, Global Entry kiosks when arriving in the U.S. from a Canadian Preclearance airport, and NEXUS kiosks when arriving in Canada by plane. NEXUS members also enjoy fast-tracked processing when arriving at a marine reporting location.

Among the benefits of the NEXUS program are the following:

  • Enjoy expedited passage at dedicated NEXUS lanes
  • Use Global Entry kiosks at airports
  • When arriving by sea, members can report their arrival in Canada and the U.S. by phoning a marine phone reporting center

Website: CBP Nexus


SENTRI, otherwise known as the Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection, is a program run by CBP (the U.S. Customs and Border Protection). It facilitates fast-tracked clearance for low-risk, pre-approved travelers when they arrive in the United States. Members of the program can enter the U.S. via specially allocated primary lanes at Southern land border crossings.

To use SENTRI, you have to be pre-approved. Every applicant has to go through a personal interview and a stringent background check before being allowed into the program.

To find out more about SENTRI and start the application process, please visit the official CBP SENTRI website below.


[6] I-94 Submissions

In recent years, the CBP (Customs and Border Protection) has switched to an automated I-94 system, eliminating the need for a physical form. The new system enables travelers to access their electronic I-94 records online and make corrections if necessary.

The I-94 form is used to record the arrival and departure of foreign visitors to the United States. It contains essential information such as the person's purpose of travel, duration of stay, and immigration status

To access your I-94 records or make corrections, visit the official CBP website dedicated to I-94 submissions. This website gives detailed instructions regarding how to retrieve your electronic I-94 records, update your information, and resolve any possible issues that are related to your arrival and departure records.

Website: CBP I-94

[7] Customs

Clearing customs is an essential part of entering the United States from abroad. CBP (Customs and Border Protection) is responsible for enforcing customs laws and regulations, maintaining the smooth flow of travelers and goods, and ensuring border security. Understanding customs procedures and requirements is, therefore, very important for anyone who wants to avoid delays or complications.

For general inquiries regarding customs procedures, duty exemptions, or prohibited items, you can visit the official CBP website's "Clearing Customs" section. The website provides comprehensive information on customs regulations and traveler tips, and there is also a very useful frequently asked questions section. In case you have questions regarding this topic, this should be the first place to look for answers.

Website: CBP Customs

The bottom line

Being able to contact the CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) regarding its various services, including Global Entry, ESTA, Mobile Passport, SENTRI, NEXUS, I-94 submissions, and customs-related inquiries, is essential to ensure a smooth experience for the millions of travelers who are arriving in the United States every year.

Whether you would like to update your ESTA information, apply for one of the trusted traveler programs, retrieve your electronic I-94 record, or learn to understand customs procedures, the CBP provides dedicated websites and contact information to help you.

By familiarizing yourself with the CBP resources mentioned in this article and following the recommended procedures, you should be able to address most concerns or inquiries fairly easily, in the process helping to ensure that you will enjoy a hassle-free journey to the United States.