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How to Make Multiple ESTA Visa Waiver Applications

Updated: Oct 15, 2022  | Tags: ESTA, Visa Waiver Program, Group ESTA Applications


Travelers submitting ESTA applications will often be accompanied by family members, colleagues, friends, or other travel companions. Fortunately, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) allows you to submit multiple or a group of ESTA applications to help save time.

How to Make Multiple ESTA Visa Waiver Applications
How to Make Multiple ESTA Visa Waiver Applications

How can I submit multiple applications?

You can submit multiple applications by selecting “Group of Applications” on the homepage. Alternatively, you can select the “Apply” option and add individual applicants as needed.

Creating a Group of Applications

The following information is required to create a Group Application. This information should reflect those of the Group Contact Person:

  • Family (Last) Name
  • First (Given) Name and Middle Name
  • Date of Birth
  • E-Mail Address

Managing a Group of Applications

Once the Group Contact has been created, you can add a new application for the group by selecting “Add New Application”.

If the Group Contact needs to add more people to the group who have not yet paid for their ESTA, they can select the “Add Unpaid Application” option to add the applicant’s single application. The applicant’s Passport Number and Birth Date are also required, along with the ESTA application number, or the applicant’s Country of Citizenship, Passport Issuance and Expiration Date.

Making the Payment

A group application can be paid for when there are at least two applications in the group. The applications must all be paid within 7 days of creating the group. After 7 days the information will expire and the Group Contact, or other individual making the group application, will need to recreate the group as well as add and submit the applications again.

Accessing the Group Applications

A Group of Applications can be retrieved with the Group ID and the Family (Last) Name, First (Given) Name and Middle Names, Date of Birth and E-Mail Address of the Group Contact. After obtaining access to the group, you can view the Group of Applications, update the information for each applicant, add or remove applicants from the group, pay for all the applicants in the group, as well as check the individual status of each application. Once payment has been submitted, applicant information can no longer be edited except the applicant’s contact email address and the U.S. accommodation address.

Checking the Status

The status of each traveler within the group will be displayed on the dashboard of the Group Contact. Each member of the group will have a different status throughout the 72-hour ESTA processing period. Some applications will be processed with a quicker response than others. CBP advises that up to 72 hours may be needed to process an application. Applications that are “Pending” or “Travel Not Authorized” will not affect the ESTA decisions for other members of the group.  

How many applications can I submit with a single payment?

A maximum of 50 applications can be submitted with a single payment.

Can I add more applications after submitting payment?

No, after all the applications in the group are paid, you will not be permitted to add more applications. However, you can create another group for additional applications or submit applications for travelers in your group individually. Submitting additional applications outside of the original group will not affect CBP’s decision on approving or denying an ESTA for these travelers.

What are the advantages of submitting multiple or group applications?

Submitting a Group of Applications allows the group coordinator to make a single payment to submit all applications within the group, rather than submitting a payment for each individual application.

Do members of the group need to travel together?

No, as long as a traveler has an approved ESTA they can travel to the United States by land, air or sea.

What if some members of the group are arriving by land?

Travelers entering the U.S. by land through the Canadian or Mexican border will not need to apply for an ESTA. They will be required to file I-94 /I-94W forms, where applicable, at the U.S. border.


Multiple ESTA applications can be submitted by either adding applications individually or by creating a Group of Applications. In either case, multiple applications the applications can be managed and submitted with a single payment.

If you hold a passport from a visa waiver country such as the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or other Western European Country, and wish to obtain an ESTA for tourist, business, medical or transit purposes, get started on your application now:

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