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What are the functions of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)?

Updated: Feb 27, 2023  | Tags: Customs and Border Protection, Border Security, USA Immigration

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is the federal agency responsible for safeguarding the nation's borders. From ports of entry to land, air and sea, the CBP works tirelessly to keep criminals and dangerous items out of the country while facilitating the flow of legitimate trade and travel. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what the CBP does and how it impact travelers entering the United States.

[1] CBP safeguards America's borders

The CBP works closely with various partners, including other government agencies and local law enforcement, to maintain America’s borders by preventing terrorists, foreign criminals, and other prohibited materials from entering the country. Through land, air, or sea ports of entry, highly trained officers work diligently to stop illicit trafficking across American borders with vigilance, technology, such as facial recognition, and enforcement of existing laws. As the threats change each day, the CBP is continuously adapting to remain effective in protecting the U.S. while still assisting legitimate travelers safely enter America’s ports of entry.

[2] CBP enforces immigration laws and regulations, combats terrorism, and protects against the drug smuggling and contraband

Not only is CBP a vital component of national security, it is also a key driver of the U.S. safety and health. CBP enforces immigration laws and regulations, as well as protecting against the smuggling of drugs into the United States. The agency also works hard to combat terrorism, ensuring that American citizens remain safe from attacks originating abroad or at home. CBPs work is facilitated through their administration of the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) Visa Waiver Program and enforcement of visa rules and regulations. CBP plays a pivotal role in identifying foreign nationals entering the United States through security screening procedures enabled by the Visa Waiver Program and ESTA.

Furthermore, CBP continues to identify and contain threats involving the unlawful flow of merchandise or contraband across U.S borders and strengthens processes for battle product counterfeiting which threatens both individuals' safety and the federal economy. Ultimately, CBP remains committed to its mission of keeping the U.S. secure and safe from any illegal threats or activity.

[3] CBP regulates the flow of goods into and out of the country

U.S. Customs and Border Protection plays an important role regulating the flow of goods from foreign nations into the United States. CBP is entrusted with ensuring that importers adhere to trade compliance laws and regulations, making certain that duty taxes are collected and applied correctly. As such, this agency has become a vital pillar in upholding the integrity of international trade markets. Without their work, unscrupulous traders would be able to severely impact global commerce by avoiding taxes or by selling inferior quality goods. With CBP in place, businesses and consumers can both enjoy the benefits of free enterprise across borders..

[4] CBP prevents the illegal entry of people and animals into the United States

The United States' borders are a crucial part of the nation's security. To ensure the safety and security of the nation, U.S. Customs and Border Protection works diligently to prevent people and animals from entering the country illegally. This department is responsible for detecting and apprehending travelers who have not been properly documented, inspecting incoming cargo at ports of entry, keeping agricultural products from entering or leaving that might be detrimental to the environment, as well as patrolling both land and watery regions in an effort to protect the U.S. boundaries. With its tireless attention to safety, Customs and Border Protection has become a formidable force in safeguarding America's homeland.

[5] CBP assists other law enforcement agencies in investigations and apprehensions

CBP is also a key part of the United States law enforcement network. As a federal agency, CBP assists other agencies when called upon for investigative or apprehensive help. This includes providing technical expertise related to immigration and customs as well as interagency coordination. This involvement streamlines information sharing between different government organizations.

Without these vital collaborations, many police investigations and apprehensions of defendants would be severely hampered. Thanks to the dedicated officers of CBP, law enforcement agencies across the nation have an effective ally when it comes to ensuring justice is served.


It is clear that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection plays an important role in keeping Americans and travelers safe and secure by monitoring the U.S. borders, enforcing immigration laws, preventing the smuggling of drugs and contraband, regulating the flow of goods into and out of the country, preventing illegal entry of people and animals, and providing assistance to other law enforcement agencies as needed. Furthermore, the agency ensures economic security through trade compliance, helping to make sure that American businesses are not put at a disadvantage when dealing with their international competitors. By recognizing the importance of CBP's mission, we can all appreciate the work they do to make America stronger for future generations.