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The Most Searched For Places Post Lockdown

For most of 2020, travel restrictions have stopped us from jetting off across the world on holiday which has had a serious financial impact on the travel and tourism industry. But as travel restrictions ease, which destinations are coming out on top for post-lockdown holidays?

Many people are now looking for the perfect destination to squeeze in a late summer holiday, or are planning ahead for 2021. With a variety of locations to choose from, ranging from traditional European breaks on the Mediterranean, to long-haul holidays with more tropical climes, the choices for holidays are endless. But which destinations are we looking at the most for our post-lockdown escapes?

Using Google Keyword Planner we analysed the countries that people are looking to travel to for a post-lockdown holiday using terms including “Flights to X” and “Holidays in X”. Data was pulled in August 2020.

Where the world is searching for holidays and flights post lockdown.

Data is available to view here