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Top 20 searched for travel destinations

In recent months we’ve seen a huge adjustment in the way we travel, and for many our perfect holiday destination has changed. Searching for the best beaches, restaurants and tourism spots is essential to finding the perfect holiday location, but have these uncertain times changed this? For Brits, travel restrictions have put a hold on any tourist activity for some time, however, the government’s new quarantine-free destinations announcement does mean that post-lockdown travel is on the rise.

We explored the top 20 quarantine-free holidays that are being searched for the most, to reveal Britain’s most desirable destinations to visit post-lockdown.

Top 20 searched for travel destinations

The top five quarantine-free destinations 

[1] The Netherlands

Topping the list at number one is the Netherlands, with it’s flowing canals and colourful tulips. Whether you are visiting the bustling city of Amsterdam or the blissfully peaceful ‘Garden of Europe’, Keukenhof, this is not one to miss.

[2] Greece

Greece has made our list at number two trumping it’s Mediterranean neighbours Spain and Italy, which may be of no surprise to some with it’s stunning beaches and azure waters. You could explore the extravagant ancient history in Athens or island hop your way around Greece. 

[3] Czech Republic

Ranking in third place, this beautiful summer getaway has everything from luxury yurts, exotic animals and romantic getaways for couples 

[4] Ireland

Ever wanted to wander through the Giant’s Causeway or explore the streets of Dublin? Ireland takes a position in the top five with a 223% change in search volumes. 

[5] Hungary 

Central Europe's, budget-friendly destination is studded with architectural landmarks and sits in fifth position with a 217% change in search volumes post-lockdown 


We have looked at the interest on google of the 75 quarantine free countries. We used the original list of quarantine free destinations and data was pulled using Google Trends with the search terms "travel to X" from pre lockdown in the United Kingdom (1st-7th March) and also from the present score (28th June - 4th July). The percentage change was calculated to show the increase in the interest for each country. Data pulled 6th July 2020 and updated 16th July 2020. Countries that have now been taken off the list have been removed. Data available upon request.